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Informational Speaker Paul Calhoun

Above (center) is a video sample of a Keynote Paul Calhoun gave at NIU (Northern Illinois University) for NSA (National Speakers Association). In it, Paul describes how his first business was put out of business by the Dept. of Nuns — when he was only seven years old. Btw, the introducers mic was malfunctioning but Paul’s worked.

Help You Didn't Know Existed

Help You Didn't Know Existed

WICA, SNAP, LIHEAP, MEDICAID. Ok, let’s pretend you know about those. Most people know about these and others like them. They’ve become the ‘go-to’ when talking about ‘assistance programs for the needy’. But did you know Sam Donaldson had his cancer treated for FREE even though his net worth at the time was around $40 million? And that he did it without using any insurance? Or did you know that even though student loans can’t be discharged in bankruptcy –that unpaid balances can be forgiven? As in the balance is forgiven and no more payment is required? If you’re the victim of a crime do you know how to get a check from the state? Sure, everyone knows about WICA, SNAP, LIHEAP & MEDICAID. But what do you know about the others mentioned above? Better yet, what do you know about the other Help You Didn’t Know Existed? You know, the ones not hinted about above? You don’t know what you don’t know what you don’t know. Isn’t it about time you found out?


  • Local helps
  • State assistance
  • Federal programs you already paid for. 
Better You, Better Life comes from a lifelong psychological understanding, not from a psychologist, but from someone who’s lived what he talks about. Both in the past and in the present. In Better You, Better Life, Paul Calhoun speaks from personal experience on living life, it’s psychological effects and how he uses what he’s learned to improve not only his own life but also the lives of others. Both an educational and motivational talk, it’s surely one you won’t want to miss. If you want a better life, then there has to be a better you.
What’s the take-away?
In this presentation, audience members learn how they can better themselves and utilize better, healthier perspectives towards everyday events in their lives. Once they experience a Better You, a Better Life is the result by default.

Plus, audiences will learn the technique for knowing how others talk about them behind their back AND at the end of every presentation, HUGS! Yes, HUGS! (Paul’s a hugger). Better You, Better Life is more than a presentation, it’s an experience that’s sure to be remembered.

From the Pits of Hell, to the Heights of Heaven

Imagine for a moment your life is a complete hell. I don’t mean hell in a literal sense. I mean hell in a ‘my life really sucks’ sense. A ‘your parents are abusive, your brother’s mentally ill and everyone else seems to have a better life while you’re stuck in this same old – can’t seem to break-out of this rut’ hell. Or maybe you’re like most people who simply feel stuck in life. As if you’re living in some sort of ‘existential purgatory’ and you can’t seem to break out. Continually asking yourself, ‘what do I have to do to get ahead in life?’ Well my friend, Paul Calhoun has broken out of ALL those pains mentioned above – and more.

In From the Pits of Hell to the Heights of Heaven, Paul shares what his hell looked like before the climb and the tools he used to make his own escape. Once he broke out, he never looked back.

What’s the take-away?

Guaranteed, audiences will have the three most important tools needed in order for them to climb From the Pits of Hell to the Heights of Heaven. Tools like having the right mindset needed for making such a climb (that one’s important). The best actions to take for climbing – and the worst ones to avoid. They’ll learn the unique skill of identifying and networking with the right people. People who have an authentic inner desire to help them in the climb. That last ones actually pretty easy once you know what to look for.

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