Basic Course Information:

From the Pits of Hell to the Heights of Heaven is a 60-minute Personal Development seminar educating your team on how to break out of sick and tired and ultimately have a better life as a result. Using the acronym M.A.P., Mind Action People, attendees learn how their mind generates the emotions that drive behavior and how they can take control of their thinking to overpower the emotions that used to overpower them. They’ll learn how to orchestrate their actions accordingly in order to create the results they’re after. They’ll learn how, and where, to find people that can help them in their climb toward that better life. They’ll also learn how to identify those who will jeopardize their chances for success. In short, by the end of this program attendees will know ‘how’ they can finally break out of sick and tired.


This 60-minute program is taught at your facility. Speaker will provide participants with the needed handouts and power point slides.


The Virtual version of this program is provided via Zoom. Handouts are submitted during the program as PDF’s. Audience participation portion is conducted in the Chat.


A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required in advance to book this event. Contact us via the Book Now page for more information on pricing and Alternative Methods of Payment (AMOP) that can be used to reduce your costs.

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