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P.O. Box 4112
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P: (888) 490-8570
F: (888) 490-7559

Paul’s EƎ Brand Promise ‘Easy to work with’ – includes travel.
Wait, what? Travel’s included?

Yes, you read that correctly. Travel is included. It includes everything needed in order to get Paul to, and from, your event. Things like transportation to and from the airport. Air Fare. Travel Visa (if needed). Exit Tax (again, if needed). Rental car. Gas for the rental car. Tolls. Travel food per diem… You get the picture. And let’s not forget all the headaches and hassles that come with booking and coordinating trips like this for a speaker. Canceled flights. Rental car mishaps. Hoping there’s no ‘unforeseen issues’. And those are only some of the problems that can, and do, occur. But you already know this. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. Worst of all, unless travel’s included, you have to deal with all of this before your event even begins.

Good news is, since travel is included, you avoid all the pain and hassle normally associated with getting a speaker to your event. This is because Paul takes care of everything. See, easy to work with. This frees up your time to deal with the ‘pain of transportation’ other speakers require you to deal with. The only travel expense not included is lodging, and Paul’s even willing to work with you on that as well. But, in case you’re curious as to how Paul travels, see below.

Paul typically fly’s coach. Typically? OK, always. Paul always fly’s coach. No matter the airline, coach. If he were a Bazillionaire then maybe, just maybe, he’d fly Business Class. But until that time comes, coach.
What does Paul drive? A DeLorean converted into a time machine you guess? Nope. Not even close. Believe it or not, he drives a minivan. Yep, a minivan. It doesn’t even have a flux capacitor. When it comes to the cars he likes, he’s like a male version of a soccer mom. But! Given the option, he’d take a DeLorean any day. With or without a flux capacitor.
As mentioned earlier, lodging isn’t included but Paul’s willing to work with you on the lodging.
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