Paul Calhoun (right) with Award winning actor Robert Englund.

Gen-X’er and former latchkey kid Paul Calhoun grew up in the 80’s… and… stayed there. Or in Paul-ology terms, ‘he’s like, so TOTALLY still there. Like, fur sure!’ To this day, human authority figures, (principals, bosses, and cops) still consider him to be a righteous dude. 

But what they don’t know… won’t hurt’em.

Truth be known this modern-day Ferris Bueller combined his creative Dr. Emmet L. Brown side with his power brokering Gordon Gekko side and as a result was able to retire before his 50th B-Day.

With all that free time, he felt a strong urge to give back. And giving back is what he enjoys doing most. A mental health advocate, he has given presentations for NAMI. Sharing his families struggles, how they broke out of them, and sharing with others how they themselves can use the same tools to break-out of sick and tired. He enjoys sharing with others the government programs available to everyone in America and how they too can use these tools to better their lives. He enjoys showing others how they can take charge of their lives and get ‘yes’, when before they got a ‘no’. In short, this philanthropic Neo-Maxi-Zoom-Dweebie enjoys helping others.

To this day audiences interact with him LIVE – not Memorex – not only because of WHAT he brings, but HOW he brings it. It’s totally bodacious! So if you want your team to go Back To The Future 80’s and learn how to thrive in this Mad Max Beyond Thunder world we live in, book him NOW because his availability fills fast! Unless of course you happen to have a Flux Capacitor, access to 1.21 gigawatts, and no problem risking disruption of the Space-Time Continuum.

Click below to download Paul’s double-sided Speaker Sheet to view well-known celebrities who have crossed his path and own copies of his books.

To learn more about how Paul used his creativity early in life to open his first business, watch the humorous video below. Given as part of a Keynote in a suburb of Chicago, it’s the humorous short story about how his first business was put out of business by the Dept. of Nuns. Yes, the Dept. of Nuns.