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Paul Calhoun grew up in a very unique environment. To start with, both of his parents were Power Brokers – someone who has, and uses, extreme influence over key decision makers. While his parents were dealing with government agencies and large corporations this latchkey kid, and self-educated nerd, became creatively rebellious. An early childhood experience that would have a profound impact later in his adult life.

As Paul Calhoun grew older, his demeanor became gentler. All the while, his extreme ambition for successful achievements remained.

Now an adult, he’s considered highly intelligent amongst his colleagues. He’s legally worked in the medical field treating patients medically. He’s worked in Electronics Engineering as an IPC Inspection Engineer being in charge of half the United States. A position where his decisions affected what happened in Asia and Mexico. He’s worked behind the scenes as a Camera Operator and in other technical areas of production teams. Hollywood influencers such as Christopher Lloyd, Pam Grier, Joel Osteen and many others, have retained copies of his books.

Books that have reached far into Europe and Asia. Paul Calhoun achieved all this by applying what he learned from his parents and self-educating himself on what it took to achieve such accomplishments. A successful life he continues to enjoy. He’s done all this, and more, without ever holding a college degree. To this day Paul Calhoun, a 3rd generation Power Broker and published author, isn’t sought after because of who he knows. He’s highly sought after because of what he knows.

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To learn more about how Paul used his creativity early in life to open his first business, watch the humorous video below. Given as part of a Keynote in a suburb of Chicago, it’s the humorous short story about how his first business was put out of business by the Dept. of Nuns. Yes, the Dept. of Nuns.