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What Is Your Employees Mental Health Costing Your Organization?

Is it costing your organization time ⏰?

 Is it costing your organization money💰

Is it costing your organization productivity📝

No matter the cost to your organization, Adviser Speaks can help you address the unknowns of mental health by teaching your management team how to not only recognize the signs, but also how to preemptively manage them before it becomes a problem. If you disregard your team’s mental health you surrender the power of influence to an unknown.

The One Investment Where All Your Stakeholders Will Be Happy



Most of us can agree that our employees are our organizations number one asset. So if 85% of your company's employees say that their mental health issues are causing them sleep deprivation, poor physical health, reduced happiness at home, poor family relationships, isolation from friends and family, and ultimately, it's hurting their performance at work what are you going to do? Most of us would agree that we would like to solve this problem. You can start addressing this today by making an investment in a mental health program at your workplace.

Managers & Leaders

Managers & Leaders

Did you know that 76% of your workers believe that your company should be doing more to support their mental health? You can empower your organization's managers and leaders with a mental health program that will equip them with practical tools to manage their employees workplace mental health, spot mental health red flags, and most importantly, proactively address problems before they become a mountain instead of a molehill.



At some point all organizations must ask "what are our investors going to think?". Many may think we can cut costs on mental health to improve our bottomline and keep our investors happy. However, that is not viable in the long-term. Workplaces that prioritize their employees mental health see a positive impact to their organization's bottomline. Ultimately, keeping their investors happy.



Do you want your customers to perceive your business in positive light? If you answered "Yes", then you need to begin prioritizing your employees mental health. By prioritizing your employees mental health you are ensuring that they will have positive interactions with your customers. Don't ask us, ask your customers. Your biggest brand ambassadors.

What Customers Like You Think

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At Adviser Speaks we know you want to be able to deal with workplace mental health issues before they become a bigger problem. To achieve this, you need a practical and proactive mental health plan in place. The problem is that it’s difficult to recognize mental health red flags and ultimately address them, which likely makes you feel inadequate to address the problem. Ultimately, we believe that if you disregard your team’s mental health you surrender the power of influence to an unknown. We understand mental health is an unknown territory for most companies. That’s why we are Nationally Accredited by The National Council for Mental Well being and ready to help your organization proactively manage mental health. Take the next step by contacting us and sharing your organization’s goals. Are you ready to address your organization’s mental health and stop worrying about the unknown and instead have confidence that you have the tools to take on workplace mental health?

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