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"...Because you never know when these skills might be useful."

Michelle Obama

What kind of training can Paul Deliver? Watch the video and hear it directly from Former First Lady Michelle Obama. More information on the training Michelle Obama received can be found on the Help Me With page.

About Paul Calhoun

Chicago-based, professional speaker Paul Calhoun grew up in a unique environment compared to most. A latchkey kid in the ’80s, he skipped school; was in trouble with the law; and psychologically abused by his father, a highly effective Power-Broker.

Being highly creative and extremely tenacious, he developed the skills needed to take the climb and overcome not only those challenges but a whole lot more. Once he reached the summit of his climb, he was able to retire. All this before his 50th birthday.

Now a philanthropist, author and mental health advocate he enjoys working his passion of helping others break out of…See More

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